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We passed the environmental inspection

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We passed the environmental inspection

Due to Heavy environmental pollution problems(Atmospheric Pollution),The China Government issued a policy of stop and limit production. According to this policy, Only the factory passed the inspection from Government, and get the approved license. Only get the license, the factory can start the production again.  Nowadays, In Hebei Province, Most of factories have to face to stop the production due to without license. Our factory have passed the inspection and get the license. Therefore, we can continue to production now. Dear new or old customers, Welcome to inquiry and make the order soon(services4@y-ironwire.com).

Our products: Black Annealed wire, Soft Binding Wire, Common wire nails,etc.

The Chinese New Year also will coming in January,2017.  Many customers want to deliver it before our holidays. In December, Our production schedule will be very heavy. Please try to make the order as soon as possible.  

Black annealed wire, Binding Wire, environmental inspection,Atmospheric Pollution

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