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Qatar rift: Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt cut diplomatic ties

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Qatar rift: Saudi, UAE, Bahrain, Egypt cut diplomatic ties

Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt and the United Arab Emirates broke off relations with Qatar in the worst diplomatic crisis to hit Gulf Arab states in decades. The three Gulf countries and Egypt accused Qatar of supporting terrorism and destabilizing the region. Qatar -- which shares its only land border with Saudi Arabia -- has rejected the accusations, calling them "unjustified" and "baseless."Yemen and the Maldives also cut ties with Qatar.

Qatari citizens have been told they have 14 days to leave Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE, and those countries also banned their own citizens from entering Qatar.

Saudi Arabia's state news agency announced the cutting of ties Monday, saying it was seeking to "protect national security from the dangers of terrorism and extremism."

All ports of entry between the two countries will be closed, according to the statement.

Gulf allies have repeatedly criticized Qatar for alleged support of the Muslim Brotherhood, a nearly 100-year-old Islamist group considered a terrorist organization by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

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(1) the ship with Qatar flag

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(4) The next discharged port is Qatar port

(5) The desination port is Qatar port

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Qatar rift, Transshipment delayed, Black Annealed Wire, GI Binding Wire

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