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FOB Price:US $452.99-536.82 / Ton
Min.Order Quantity: 5 Tons
Supply Ability:2000 Ton/Tons per Month
Port: Xingang,Tianjin
Payment Terms:L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Fan casing in a fan system used to separate two different pressure fan by this a boundary create to stop recirculation of air at tip of the fan, without fan casing it is not possible for fan to perform it's function, as fan system pressure increase use of casing become necessary.

Note:- As the static pressure for fan increase tip clearance required for fan is very low therefore it needed very precision fan casing.

The fan we do manufacture all kind of fan casing starting from smaller exhaust fans, ventilation fans to heavy high pressure fan casing which are made of MS plate, we also manufacture fan casing also known as fan ring or fan cylinder for high diameter application like cooling tower fans casing, air cooled condenser fans casing etc. these casing are manufacture in FRP/GRP material

Material Used :
1. FRP/GRP fan casing 
2. Fire grade FRP/GRP Casing 
3. Metallic fan casing

Fan casing are manufactured with outside finished considering aesthetic of the equipment and having irregular finish at inside of the fan casing but functionally it has to be inside finish to support smooth flow of air, having inside finished fan casing help in smooth air flow.

Inside Surface finish fan casing - from technical point inside finished fan casing is best, it will greatly improve functionality and will remain equally economical as the outside finish fan casing/ring remain only one additional lair of epoxy coating need to be applied on outer surface of fan casing for UV protection which will improve its life. unless otherwise there will be chance of resin evaporation which will significantly reduce life of fan casing.

Disadvantage of inside finished fan casing - it will not appear as good as outside finish fan casing look thus will also affect equipment look.

Both side surface finished fan casing - it will work excellently and will improve efficiency at the same time it is having same level of UV protection from both side of fan casing thus life of fan casing will increase greatly.

Standard Features Of Fan Casing:
- Ergonomic design of our fan casing ( Ring or cylinder ) help for easy assembly and reduce installation time. 
- These fan casing having low aerodynamics noise.
- Causing maximizing static efficiency operating power cost reduced in our fan casing.
- High manufacturing precision of every single fan casing segment.
- Low resistance in air path.
- Rigid and Solid Structure for better stability.
- Long service life of maya fan casing: The service life of our fan casing at design condition is no less than 20 years.
- High resistance against ultraviolet radiation.
- Fan casing are suited for operating temperatures from - 25o to 70o C.

- We do provide both lap or but joint in Maya fan casing as per customer choice.

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