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How to choose Common Wire Nail Packing?

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How to choose Common wire nail packing?

Common wire nails, also named"Common nail" or "Iron nail" or "Round wire nails",etc. 

It is widely used in Construction building materials, furniture repairing, wooden case producion area ,etc.

The size can be from 1" to 6" length size.  The surface treatment can be polished or galvanized. Normally, Due to the lower cost, Polished common nail are more popularing.


(A)Small box packing or small bag packing. Such as 16 boxes per carton,total net weight 3 kgs or 8 boxes per carton, total net weight 24kgs or 25bags per carton, total net weight 25kgs,etc.

Bulk in carton. For example, 15kg or 18kg or 20kg or 25kg bulk in carton,etc. Inside with plastic film.

 How to choose the packing?

(1) if your clients are the super market or hardware stores, We suggest that you'd better choose the small box packing.  small box packing is more suitable for retail. 

(2)if your clients are the wholesalers or a project, then we suggest that you'd better choose the bulk carton packing. It will more easy to handle it.  The most important is lower cost. The price will be more competitive.

Hope it can help you to choose the common nail packing better.  If you have any query, please feel free to contact us! We will give you the best price and supports. (services4@y-ironwire.com)

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