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How Does The Black Annealed Wire Come Out

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Black annealed wire is mainly used in constuction field for binding . So here Let us learn how the black annealed wire come out . 

· Wire Rod(Q195/ 235 low carbon steel wire, ASTM, SAE 1006/1008)

· Wire Drawing (Draw 6.5mm wire into 4.0mm low to 0.7mm wires, two

types of drawing metheds )

· Annealing(wire goes through the high temperature, improve T/S, make the

wire softer for binding uses)

· Wire Coiling(Weight of coil/roll: 200kg, 100kg, 50kg, 25kg, 10kg, 2-8kg) 

So if you have any problem or enquiry about annealed wire , just feel free to contact us ( services3@y-ironwire.com)

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