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Loading when it is raining day

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How to Load into container when it is raining day

Black Annealed Wire,  it is widely used in building materials area. Such as binding wire,etc. Due to very soft and lower price, it is very popularing in customers. 

However, Because the surface of black annealed wire is only a little oiled coating. Normally, our packing is inside with plastic film and outside with woven bag or hessian cloth. but, if the space is wet, it also is easy to rusted.  Therefore, the container must keep dry.  When it is raining day, the container must be a little wet or During the loading, the container will be wet. Then How to do it? 

If it is raining day, normally, we will make the container drying by fire.  after drying, the black annealed wire will not rusted.  If you have any query, please feel free to contact us! (services4@y-ironwire.com)

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